The Steps of Video Production Process

Discover our creative and thorough video production process.


Briefing & Kick Off Meeting

Our kickoff / brief meetings are conducted over conference video calls (e.g. Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, etc.) and will include the client team and Marmota’s team leads. We’ll cover many aspects such as your organization’s basic information as well as the scope of your request and goals.

computer with a videocall meeting with four people
a guy thinking with a typewriter as his background

The Script

We will work closely with the client to develop a script that delivers the right message in a compelling way, in alignment with the client’s target audience and marketing goals.


Storyboard and Style Frames

Based on the finalized and approved script, we will craft a storyboard to visually showcase the flow of the story — the main actions / scenes that will take place. Style frames (e.g. creative details of the character(s) and select scenes) will also be included to offer the client a more reliable preview of the video’s creative direction.


Art Direction & illustration

All the graphic assets will be created and delivered so the client can review in totality and approve / request changes before moving onto the animation stage.


The animation

Here is where we bring everything to life — adding animation to the approved graphic assets as well as incorporating background music / sound effects / voice overs (if applicable).



For the final stage, we take the end product through our extensive and collaborative quality assurance process to make sure everything is perfect. We’ll then proceed to package up all the requested files and deliver to the client in a timely manner.